Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and sensors

Main research areas

  • Industrial communication systems (verification of communication parameters of LPWA technologies for M2M data transmission within Industry 4.0)
  • Industrial networks and control systems (new automation solutions, digitization, localization and inventory, industrial communication protocols, transmission technologies with minimal response and high reliability, advanced virtualization and cyber-physical systems, IT/OT convergence, control systems, programmable logic controllers - PLC , implementation of technological solutions within the concepts of Industry 4.0 and smart factories)
  • Use of electronic wearability in industrial applications (research of new communication technologies and protocols for wearable devices)
  • Smart home (design of aggregation mechanisms for data processing within a smart home or automated buildings, development of prediction algorithms for automatic adjustment of household parameters based on user habits)
  • Optical fiber sensors (measurement of temperature, pressure and vibration by single point and distributed sensor systems, design and implementation of sensor systems - phase sensitive OTDR, Raman OTDR, interferometers, FBG grating sensors, evaluation measurements)

Laboratory equipment

  • Wideband Radio Communication Tester Rohde & Schwarz CMW500
  • Universal Radio Network Analyzer Rohde & Schwarz TSMW
  • Hand-held testers for checking communication parameters of LPWA technologies
  • Data generators for industrial communication protocols eg DLMS / COSEM or Wireless M-BUS
  • Automatic attenuation cells for sensitivity measurement in the case of licensed or unlicensed communication modules
  • Current probes for measuring the consumption of designed devices
  • Spectrum analyzer for FBG fiber grating technology
  • Distributed system for measuring temperature and mechanical stress

Research groups


  • Companies: AT&T, Vodafone Czech Republic, A1 Telekom Austria Group,, Rohde & Schwarz Czech Republic, Siemens Czech Republic. Free Horizons s.r.o., E.ON Distribuce a.s., ČEZ Distribuce, ZPA Smart Energy A.s., BD SENSORS, s.r.o., Lan2M, TriWave Tech s.r.o., GreyCortex s.r.o., SEWIO s.r.o., FreeHorizons s.r.o., ORANGE SK,  Optical Solutions, s.r.o.,  CESNET, DFC design, HUBER+SUHNER, Networkgroup, PROFiber NETWORKING, PROFIcomms
  • Research institutions and schools: Tampere University, Finland; RUDN University, Russian Federation; National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan; University of Oulu, Finland; STUBA, Slovakia; NTNU, Norway; VŠB - TUO, Czech Republic; Technical University Vienna, Austria; Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic; University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Main practical research results

  • Platform for visualization and management of NB-IoT devices
  • GenTMS; Modular platform for traffic management in Smart City ecosystem
  • OSGi Smart Hub 1.0; OSGi-based Smart Hub Platform
  • Smart Multi-Purpose Home Gateway for Different Home Automation Services
  • Home 4.0; Voice-assisted Smart Home within the Internet of Things Platform
  • Modular optical reflectometer for measuring acoustic vibrations in the immediate vicinity of the fiber
  • Distributed optical fiber sensor system based on the principle of the dual Mach-Zehnder interferometer using frequency shift

Projects/Industrial contracts