Energy and Smart Grids

Main research areas

  • Intelligent measurement (communication infrastructure design, testing and integration of transmission technologies - wired and wireless, demand response systems, smart home concept, customer involvement and regulatory framework, data processing and prediction)
  • Smart networks, infrastructure and island operations (methodologies for testing new transmission and communication technologies, issues of smart substations and distribution transformer stations, data transmission technologies over power lines - PLC, integration and issues of urban operations, black-out issues, reliability and availability of control and monitoring SCADA systems)
  • E-Mobility (communication solutions to increase reliability, interoperability issues, secure infrastructure, verification of the suitability of transmission technologies and their integration)
  • Intelligent buildings (analysis and implementation of communication technologies and protocols for building automation, design, verification, and integration of aggregation mechanisms for data collection within autonomous buildings, surveillance and visualization platform for property control)
  • Prototyping, simulation, modeling and testing (experimental development and construction of terminal communication and transmission elements for reliable and secure infrastructures, verification of the design of communication equipments, pre-certification testing)

Laboratory equipment

  • Polygon for testing the communication of smart meters
  • SCADA communication polygon for functional and stress tests
  • Stress traffic load generators DLMS, 61850, 60870-5-104
  • EXFO FTB-Pro portable tester for measuring communication parameters and QoS
  • Frequency band analyzer R&S®TSMW

Research groups


  • Companies: E.ON Distribuce, ČEZ Distribuce, MEgA - Měřící Energetické Aparáty, ABB, Sewio Networks, GINA Software, GreyCortex, Free Horizons, PREdistribuce, Trustport, Siemens CZ/Rakousko
  • Research institutions and schools: Tampere University, Finland; University of Oulu, Finland; City University of London, UK; NTNU, Norway; University of Liechtenstein; Télécom ParisTech, France; STUBA, Slovakia; VŠB - TUO, Czech Republic

Main practical research results

  • Customer Interface study and Cyber Security for the National Action Plan for Smart Grids
  • Prototype of NB-IoT sensor for control of cathodic protection of a gas pipeline at control points
  • Big data generator for communication protocols of critical energy infrastructure
  • ETH and LTE communication unit with IPSec for deployment in energy
  • Energy testing polygon
  • M2M data generator of the wireless communication protocol Wireless M-BUS in SmartGrid networks
  • Universal testing equipment for Wireless M-BUS data transmission
  • Utility model - Aggregation gateway for two-way data transmission between the measuring device and the terminal device
  • Demonstrator of a voice-controlled smart household

Projects/Industrial contracts