Synthesis of reliable electrical phantoms describing fractional impedance behavior of real-world systems

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The project deals with the synthesis and description of analogue circuits – phantoms, that emulate and capture in time the electrical properties of systems/tissues being analyzes mainly using the impedance spectroscopy technique. The definition of these phantoms is based on using the fractional calculus, whereas for their realization mainly the passive fractional-order elements (or constant phase elements) and their suitable combination and transformation, which represents an area not sufficiently investigated so far. The importance of such phantoms for the future research is the possibility of explicit comparison and suitability of measurement techniques used for material characterization. Within the project, the experience of the project team in the area of analog circuit design are used, whereas the project outputs are mainly the original circuit solutions whose behavior is verified both by simulations and experimental measurements. The reached outputs are published in distinguished journal with the scope in area of this research project.

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impedance spectroscopy
fractional-order elements
fractional-order circuits
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