A Proper version of Synthesis-based Sparse Audio Declipper

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Methods based on sparse representation have found great use in the recovery of audio signals degraded by clipping. The state of the art in declipping within the sparsity-based approaches has been achieved by the SPADE algorithm by Kitić et. al. (LVA/ICA’15). Our recent study (LVA/ICA’18) has shown that although the original S-SPADE can be improved such that it converges faster than the A-SPADE, the restoration quality is significantly worse. In the present paper, we propose a new version of S-SPADE. Experiments show that
the novel version of S-SPADE outperforms its old version in terms of restoration quality, and that it is comparable with the A-SPADE while being even slightly faster than A-SPADE.

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Declipping, Sparse, Cosparse, Synthesis,Analysis