Magisterský program Communications and Networking

Do you want to understand technical details of communications and networking technologies and being able to solve different theoretical as well as practical problems in the areas including 4G/5G mobile and fixed communications, metallic, optical or wireless networks, modern network appliances, telecommunication and multimedia services, Internet of Things, smart cities applications, machine-learning algorithms, cyber-security mechanisms and high-speed data transmissions? 

We have for you a great opportunity to enrol into the two-year Master’s study programme Communications and Networking (MPA-CAN), which aims to educate MSc graduates with a profound theoretical understanding and practical knowledge of modern telecommunications and information technologies. When you complete the study program, you will be qualified to design and operate modern ICT appliances and systems.

The MPA-CAN study programme can be studied also as double-degree programme in cooperation with Tampere University (TAU), Finland. Through that, students can get a unique opportunity to spend one semester (in minimum) during the master’s studies at the university in Tampere. Moreover, at the end, when students pass all exams and defend the master thesis (coordinated jointly by supervisors from BUT and TAU), they can benefit from gaining two Master’s degree diplomas (one from BUT and second from TAU). 

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