Dan Komosný

My recent research in Digital Forensics and IP networking.

Forensic evidence from IP geolocation

Internet devices can be geographically located. However, the use of IP-based location evidence in criminal investigations is questionable.

I elaborated the evidential value of such location evidence in Komosny, D. Evidential value of country location evidence obtained from IP address geolocation. PeerJ Computer Science, 2023.

True Internet Latency

Do you play online games? Which ISP is the best in your country for gaming? Do you run an e-shop? Which web hosting (CDN) provider is the best in your country? 

This can be answered by the latency measurement method presented in Komosny, D. General Internet service assessment by latency including partial measurements. PeerJ Computer Science, 2022.

Cheating in Online Exams

Sometimes students cheat and cheating is much easier in online exams.

I described a method to thwart cheating during online exams where another student takes the exam instead of the intended one in Komosny D, Rehman SU. A Method for Cheating Indication in Unproctored On-Line Exams. Sensors, 2022.