FGIC44 – Fully controllable immittance converter

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The Fully controllable immittance converter (FGIC44) is primarily designed to emulation of floating fractional-order elements with fractional order in the range (-4; 4). The core of FGIC44 uses 7 OTAs, which are accompanied by compensation OTAs connected inner nodes of the core.
Both the core and compensation OTAs are electronically adjustable to set the desired fractance of the final fractional-order elements observed at the input of FGIC44, cancel DC offsets and compensate parasitic conductances at the output of core OTAs to extend the frequency range of operation and increase the dynamic.
The chip of FGIC44 is designed in TSMC 0.18um CMOS technology.

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general immittance converter
immittance emulation