Exploring Synergy between Communications, Caching, and Computing in 5G-Grade Deployments

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Decisive progress in 5G mobile technology, fueled by a rapid proliferation of computation-hungry and delay-sensitive services, puts economic pressure on the research community to rethink the fundamentals of underlying networking architectures. Along these lines, the first half of this article offers a first-hand tutorial on
the most recent advances in content-centric networking, emerging user applications, as well as enabling system architectures. We establish that while significant progress has been made along the individual vectors of communications, caching, and computing, together with some promising steps in proposing hybrid functionalities, the ultimate synergy behind a fully integrated solution is not nearly well understood. Against this
background, the second half of this work carefully brings into perspective additional important factors, such as user mobility patterns, aggressive application requirements, and associated operator deployment capabilities, to conduct comprehensive system-level analysis. Furthermore, supported by a full-fledged practical trial on a
live cellular network, our systematic findings reveal the most dominant factors in converged 5G-grade communications, caching, and computing layouts, as well as indicate the natural optimization points for system operators to leverage the maximum available benefits.

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Communications, Caching, Computing, 5G networks