Hardware development, analysis and testing

Main research areas

  • Design of function blocks for pre- and post-processing of analog and mixed signals
  • Research and development of methods for the design of advanced electronic systems
  • Experimental development of hardware samples and prototypes
  • Non-destructive testing and diagnostics, reliability analysis of electronic systems, EMC, climate resistance
  • Embedded and digital systems - design, development, testing

Laboratory equipment

  • Climate chamber from -72°C to 180°C and with controlled humidity - Vötsch VC3 7018
  • High resolution X-ray - Phoenix X-ray Micromex 180 DXR-HD
  • 3D scanner of near electromagnetic and thermal fields - Detectus RSE 321
  • High resolution IR camera - FLIR SC660
  • Set of measuring instruments for advanced analysis and measurement


Main practical research results