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DIGITAL4Security is an innovative and market-led European Masters Programme in Cybersecurity Management & Data Sovereignty that will equip European SMEs and Companies across multiple sectors with the cybersecurity management, regulatory and technical skills they need to prevent and respond to existing and emerging cybersecurity threats, helping to safeguard European industries from cyber-attack. Our Digital4Security Programme will be market and industry demand-led at its core, continuously adapting and evolving to address current and future cybersecurity risks and supporting European companies, and in particular SMEs, to minimise security risks, build robust defences, and effectively manage any cyber incident. DIGITAL4Security will contribute to the overall objectives of the DIGITAL Europe Programme by fast-tracking high numbers of graduates into high demand roles from the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework (ECSF), filling crucial occupational profiles that are critical to the ongoing security and success of European businesses. Our objective is to reskill and upskill graduates, professionals, managers, and business leaders to become ‘Cyber Confident’ and empowered with the cybersecurity management expertise they need to strengthen their cybersecurity infrastructure and implement robust incident prevention and management procedures.
The global objective of this project is to design and implement a highly innovative, effective and sustainable European Cyber-security Masters Programme that will provide a continuous supply of qualified cybersecurity management experts, helping to address the growing cybersecurity skills gap that is endangering the stability of many European industries and public sector institutions. The programme will be designed to appeal to the broadest possible catchment of potential students and companies from many different sectors, demographics, and cultural backgrounds; ensuring gender equality and including students from diversity groups.


Klíčová slova
Cybersecurity Management
Data Sovereignty

A Curriculum Designed for Real-World Application 

Digital4Security’s curriculum is crafted based on a comprehensive needs analysis involving all consortium partners, ensuring that the training meets the highest standards of academic rigor and industry relevance. The program integrates theoretical knowledge with practical, job-ready skills essential for immediate and effective workforce application.

Besides the full-time Master studies' programme in Cybersecurity management, each course in the program will be available as a micro-credential, too, providing participants with tangible proof of their competencies, along with industry certifications through collaborations with leading cybersecurity firms. This approach not only boosts the employability of graduates but also ensures they are equipped to address the specific needs of the industry directly.



Addressing Europe’s Cybersecurity Challenges

With the increasing sophistication and frequency of cyber threats, European industries and public sector institutions face substantial risks. Digital4Security tackles these challenges head-on by training professionals and students to comprehend and manage the complexities of contemporary cybersecurity threats.  It is a €20m industry-led Master's programme supported by funding from the DIGITAL Europe Programme.

In alignment with our commitment to this initiative, VUT will utilize its expertise to aid in the development and implementation of the D4S curriculum and training.