Analysis of Channel Transfer Functions in Power Line Communication System for Smart Metering and Home Area Network

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The paper deals with simulations of power line channel transfer functions in Network Simulator version 3. Firstly, an empirical model and calculation of the channel transfer function are given to reflect the necessity of channel transfer function for Power Line Communication system design. The framework for Power Line Communication in Network Simulator version 3 and then the necessary extension implementation are introduced. Other simulators are also mentioned. Secondly, various scenarios were implemented for the analysis and simulation of power line channel transfer functions. New scenarios for large topologies and for different approaches to calculate primary parameters were created. In the simulations, various kinds of topologies are considered for an analysis of the power line transfer function. The simulation part also focuses on the simulation of channel transfer function where the time- and frequency-selective impedances are considered. Finally, the last part focuses on measurements and a comparison of the simulation results with real measurements are given.

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Measurement, power distribution lines, simulation, Smart grids, transfer function