Artificial intelligence, data processing and analysis

Main research areas

  • Machine learning (research of new algorithms for machine learning and artificial intelligence)
  • Big data (parallel and distributed algorithms for processing of large volumes of data)
  • Computer vision (image content analysis, object detection and classification, object tracing, segmentation)
  • Biomedicine (applications for e-health and telemedicine)
  • Biometrics and anonymization (identification and verification of persons based on face recognition, advanced anonymization of faces, extraction of secondary biometric and non-biometric features - age, gender, etc.)
  • 3D audio

Laboratory equipment

  • Supercomputer equipped with several high-performance computing cards for acceleration of artificial intelligence calculations

Research groups


  • Companies: 2N, Audified, AŽD Praha s.r.o., ČEPS, Honeywell, JIMI CZ a.s., Konica-Minolta, Tokoz a.s., 3S s.r.o.

Main practical research results

  • Method of detecting attempts to unauthorized entry into protected areas (patent)
  • Surveillance system interface with automatic analysis of audiovisual content
  • Intelligent access and attendance system
  • Intelligent monitoring tool

Projects/Industrial contracts