Analysis and processing of audio signals

Main research areas

  • reconstruction of damaged audio signals
  • reconstruction of archive audio signals
  • compression of audio signals
  • obtaining information from music signals
  • measurement, analysis and identification of noise sources
  • measurements in acoustics and electroacoustics
  • analysis and modeling of electroacoustic and audio systems
  • sound for virtual and augmented reality

Laboratory equipment

  • Anechoic chamber with remote controlled positioning system
  • Listening room with a multi-channel sound system meeting international recommendations for subjective listening tests
  • Head and torso simulator for measuring communication devices and headphones
  • Brüel & Kjæj Pulse LAN-XI measuring system, acoustic camera for noise source identification, intensity probe, laser vibrometer
  • Audio analyzers Audio Precision APx500 series with extension for electroacoustic measurements
  • Measuring systems for electroacoustics and NTi Audio sound level meters
  • Software for simulation and measurement of spatial acoustics EASE, EASERA, Dirac, Reflex, omnidirectional sound source, binaural head and torso simulator for sound quality measurement

Research groups


  • Commpanies: Honeywell, Audified
  • Research institutions and schools: Acoustics Research Institute (ARI) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (, University of Vienna (, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) (, Université du Maine (, Helmut-Schmidt-Universität (

Main practical research results