International joint research project

Modern methods for the restoration of digital audio signals

Goal of the project. The project will propose an innovative, original, interdisciplinary approach to audio restoration, combining knowledge from the disciplines of mathematics, signal processing, and psychoacoustics. Fundamental research will develop novel methods for missing segment recovery in audio signals and evaluation of inpainting procedures, improving upon the current state of the art. Therefore, the project will provide: (a) Original audio inpainting algorithms adapted to the characteristics of generic and special audio signals. (b) A comprehensive, open-source audio inpainting toolbox accompanied by a large, representative database of test signals. (c) An extensive evaluation of restoration quality under various conditions, considering perceptual quality through objective and subjective testing.




Signal Processing Laboratory (SPLab), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, University of Technology, Czech Republic
Acoustics Research Institute (ARI), Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria


SPLab Doc. Dr. Pavel Rajmic Doc. Dr. Vítězslav Veselý, CSc. Ing. Václav Mach Ing. Roman Ozdobinski Ing. Hana Bartlová
ARI Doz. Dr. Peter Balazs Dr. Nicki Holighaus Dr. Thibaud Necciari Dr. Zdeněk Průša Nina Engelputzeder


Ministry of education, youth and sports, Mobility programme
Österreichische Austauschdienst, Wissenschaftlich-Technische Zusammenarbeit