International joint research project

Novel Methods of Completing Missing Samples in Audio Signals

The project goal is the investigation of novel methods for recovering missing data in audio signals. The experiences of the partners from Czech Republic and Austria will be joined to obtain new theoretical results concerning data completion in audio signals and to develop on this basis new algorithms and numerical methods. The main idea is to involve a combination of modern time-frequency representations like non-stationary Gabor transforms and methods from sparse regression that incorporate prior knowledge on the signals' structure. In both approaches, psychoacoustical properties of human hearing will be exploited.




Signal Processing Laboratory (SPLab), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, University of Technology, Czech Republic
Numerical Harmonic Analysis Group (NuHAG), Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna, Austria
Acoustics Research Institute (ARI), Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria


SPLab Doc. Dr. Vítězslav Veselý, CSc. Dr. Pavel Rajmic Ing. Václav Mach Bc. Roman Ozdobinski Bc. Anežka Kolbábková
NuHAG Prof. Dr. Hans Georg Feichtinger Doz. Dr. Monika Dörfler Dr. Christoph Wiesmeyr
ARI Doz. Dr. Peter Balazs Dr. Nicki Holighaus Dr. Thibaud Necciari Dr. Zdeněk Průša


Ministry of education, youth and sports, Mobility programme
Österreichische Austauschdienst, Wissenschaftlich-Technische Zusammenarbeit